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All dressed up and nowhere to go

Stuck in Sacramento
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Are you sick of all the pretentious scenester/indie/emo fucks who have taken over the armpit of California that is Sacramento? Do you go to shows, only to regret going in the first place because, by the looks of the people already there, you're just not cool enough? Avoid Second Saturday like the plague because you can't stand the scenester wankfest that it is? Do you just not get it? Do you constantly hear yourself saying, "There's nothing to DO around here!" Kinda wish you lived somewhere more exciting?

Wanna make the best of it?

Then join stuck_in_sacto, and let's make our own fun!

This community was created as an alternative to sacramento and strives to be less like a classifieds section and more like a forum for meeting new people, making adventures and having fun. Want to post information about an upcoming event? Meet new friends or activity partners? Start a club? Complain about the crazy drunk drivers in midtown on Saturday nights? Tell a story or post a picture of something funny you saw? Do it here!

stuck_in_sacto is not intended to be a source for information about where to get your hair cut, or get a job, or get your taxes done, or anything else that can easily be found at Google Local, Citysearch, or Craigslist. Nor is it the place to post items for sale, housing for rent, job openings, or to advertise services. Please post in sacramento for that. sacramento is also a good place to ask for personal reviews of local businesses and other establishments.

Anyone is welcome, as long as you're from the Sacramento area. The usual rules apply. Spamming, excessive drama, etc will not be tolerated. Use your common sense or get banned.

Most importantly, have fun!